Please correct me if I am wrong, but there is really only one regularly recurring rendezvous of Wauquiez owners, and that is in the Pacific Northwest.  This rendezvous has been going for.... forever?  Someone will let me know.  Lately it seems like we get about 20 or so boats.

There is a pretty good concentration of Wauquiez owners who are based out of the Salish Sea.  This is probably due as much to being a great sailing location as it is to local broker Mike Locatell's history as Wauquiez Boats' representative in North America.  Mike is on the Yahoo! Group and continues to attend the PNW Rendezvous to share what is happening with the Wauquiez brand and his insights on the industry. 

The Rendezvous is in Port Townsend at the Point Hudson Marina, and is usually scheduled for the first weekend after Memorial Day.  For 2014, the rendezvous is scheduled for May 30 - June 1.

What happens at a Rendezvous?

  • Tie up stern-in and dress boats with Wauquiez flags
  • Wine and cheese Friday afternoon
  • Saturday open boat tours and ad hoc discussions
  • Annual Championship Regatta
  • Guest speaker and potluck.

The speaker for the 2013 rendezvous was Brion Toss.  Most memorable quote:  "The mother of all wind is apparent." 

The Rendezvous is a wonderful opportunity to compare notes and connect with Wauquiez owners.

Lee Youngblood often attends.  He takes some pretty nice photos.  Here are some photos from the 2012 Rendezvous.  Other years are also up on his site.

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